New Street Art Horror NFT Series Released!

Horror Cuts

In celebration of our return to the NFT.NYC Conference—where Street Cuts NFT were first debuted in 2018—we have released a limited series of horror themed NFTs from our Street Cuts archive. Minted in limited runs of 66 these pieces are a spooky and exclusive add to your collection. Go to individual artist pages on the Street Cuts NFT Store to find them hiding in their collections! 

Introducing HORROR CATS by HISS

Don’t miss  a brand new HORROR CATS series from HISS, featuring kitty versions of some of our favorite horror film classics! 

HISS is a street artist whose primary interests include cute animals and dead things. Known for their paste-ups of multi-eyed cat creatures and alien girls found throughout the streets of New York, their work is inspired by nature and isolation and is driven by love and anxiety.

The NFT.NYC Dusty Rebel Photo Auction

Finally, for the first time we will make internationally acclaimed street art documentarian The Dusty Rebel's photos of our Street Cuts artists’ work available. These are the source photos for many of the Street Cuts you love and are being offered as unique 1 of 1 photographic NFTs to coincide with The NFT.NYC event. Bid now to get one of these very special one of a kind NFTs