MCA of Evil Design is an artist based in Massachusetts that likes to focus on toy design (over 70 have been produced) as well as drawing stickers (tries to do at least one every day), but pretty much is down for any type of fun projects (ya got any?). Inspiration for his characters & designs come from all over included such things as Holiday in Cambodia, Geraldo getting hit with a chair, Rip Torn, that little old guy that was Benny Hill's side-kick, Mr.T, Shaft, Dolemite, Superfly, Foxy Brown, Neil Diamond, What's New Pussy Cat, Deputy Dawg, The San Diego Padre's Chicken, Marty Scorscesse, Bobby Deniro, Junk Yard Dog, J.J. Jackson, Pineapple Now'n'Laters, Kareem Abdul Jabar in the movie Airplane, Paul Reubens at the movies, Mr. Green Jeans, Dr. Hook's 'Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk', The Banana Splits, Darby Crash, Public Enemy, Donald Duck swearing in duck language, Good Times, The Three Men and a Baby Boy, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, Edith Massey, Flounder, Mushmouth, Gary Coleman, Tootie, Jack Tripper's friend Larry, Ozzy, Lux Interior, Earth, Wind & Fire, Harvey Keitel in The Bad Lieutenant, NWA, Female Trouble, that 'Where's the Beef?' lady, Raging Bull, Prison tattoos, Larry, Daryl & Daryl, Shemp, Jeff Spicoli, Chris Farley, Ted from Mary Tyler Moore, Ol'Dirty Bastard, Bruce Lee, The Fat Boys, Car Wash, Froggy from The Little Rascals and Hot Buttered Soul.

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MCA's Street Cuts Collection

Since the beginning Street Cuts has been dedicated to giving a second digital life to real street art from great street artists.  We've done digital stickers and experimented very early in NFTS.

Street Cuts NFTs

A growing collection of exclusive Street Cuts NFTs with limited mint runs, check it out!

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