Festival.Land NFTs


Street Cuts and Festival.Land have come together to offer some select Street Cuts as NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) to be used exclusively within the walls of Festival.Land. 

This is first of its kind.  Real digital street art for sale in a (real) virtual environment. 

Purchase your FLSC NFT NOW and as owner you have the right to share that personal piece of art wherever NFT's are displayed and when the doors of Festival Land open, you and you alone will have the ability to slap it on the walls, stages and attractions for all to see.* 

In celebration of NYC.NFT conference we are offering a very limited set that will be available soon! Come back to this space to find out more.   

Better yet, reach out to us at contact@streetcuts.co and we’ll notify you. 

*Street Cuts and Festival Land Limited are 2 legally separate entities and as such Street Cuts are responsible only for the minting and distribution of the NFTs.

Find out more: https://www.decentraland.org and https://festival.land


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