City Kitty

For over a decade NYC-based street artist City Kitty has been pasting elaborate, hand-drawn scenes of an adventurous street cat onto buildings and alleyways throughout North America and Europe. Best known for his large-scale drawings of cats and humans with extraneous facial features, City Kitty has created an alternate urban reality with a touch of double vision and a psychedelic twist. His work is featured prominently on the streets of New York, London, Barcelona and Berlin, among others.  City Kitty on social media: Instagram, Facebook

City Kitty has been working with The Dusty Rebel to bring some of his favorite and more "translatable" work to the Street Cut platform as part of our "Cut From The Street" series.

City Kitty's Street Cuts Collection

Since the beginning Street Cuts has been dedicated to giving a second digital life to real street art from great street artists.  We've done digital stickers and experimented very early in NFTS. 

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Street Cuts Physical Stickers

Add to your Street Cuts collection by getting a pack of physical stickers from City Kitty.

Photo © TheDustyRebel


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