Buttsup AKA Buttless Supreme is an iconic irreverent figure who is a cartoon-like monkey-esque character with a butt-like head. What’s not to love? The artist behind Buttsup has been making art in the streets and in galleries of NYC and all over the world for over 15 years. Breaking the “graffiti rules” and living somewhere between graffiti and street art, Buttsup represents the silly and irreverent side of street art. Never one to take himself too seriously. He has collaborated with many artists on canvas and on walls. Recently he has been producing more large scale murals. He's shown in galleries in NY, RI, MD, Art Basel Miami, Germany, and even Iran.

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Check out the digital sticker collections here.

Buttsup: "Original Digitals" Pack #1


Photo by TheDustyRebel

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