Abe Lincoln Jr.

Abe Lincoln Jr. is a Street Artist and designer living in Brooklyn, who's been defacing property for over 30 years. While he started as a Skate Punk in the Hardcore scene of Northern California in the early 80s, wow he’s more informed by metal and mid-century modern design and illustration. His work has been in many major Urban Art shows and published in numerous books. You can check out Abe’s work on his website and his social media Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Abe Lincoln Jr's Street Cuts Collection

Since the beginning Street Cuts has been dedicated to giving a second digital life to real street art from great street artists.  We've done digital stickers and experimented very early in NFTS. 

Street Cuts NFTs

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Physical Street Cuts Sticker Packs 

Add to your Street Cuts collection by getting a pack of physical stickers from Abe Lincoln Jr.

Photo © TheDustyRebel

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