Horror Cuts NFTs. Just in time for Halloween


In celebration of  Halloween, and our presence at NFT.NYC conference we have put together a few very special releases and offerings at our store. 

The first sets are priced to move as well as many FREE ones while they last.  

Here is a preview of what to expect: 

Dusty Rebel Photo Auction:  Street Cuts co-founder and world renowned Street Art documentarian is auctioning off several 1 of 1 one photos of the source work that many of the Street Cuts were made from. 

Horror Cuts.: Beautiful one of kind halloween themed street cuts from real street art and artists.  We are minting in limited runs of 66 and very affordable prices. Grab your treat! At the site search for "Horror" to get a quick display!

HISS's Horror Cats: Sticking with the theme of Horror, the fabulous HISS is releasing an exclusive set of 3 “Horror Cats”.  You don’t want to miss these. 

FREE NFTs!:  As part of our official launch we have placed many FREE NFTs on our platform that you can see in the gallery and then claim on a first come/first serve basis (one per wallet).  

Here is are all the great Horror NFTs that you will find!


HISS Horror Cat- Chh Chh Chh

Hiss Horror Cat-Come Play